Sunday, August 17, 2008

snow bunnies part 2

well i can now be bothered again so here is some more goodies
timbo got all angelic on our ass... this was actually very very funny.

who gives a shit

when we went to leave our car was like this, and as i was a true man i dug our car out with my bare hands to show how much of a manly man i am!!

a nice leaving the snow shot

then a nice no snow shot, pretty boring huh. i wasnt as boozy on the way back, we were heading to tims parents for the evening. amazing people they were.

whilst driving i was listening to missy higgins on the ipizzle, and as i popped my beer and read the cap it was this. it means that i am meant to marry her i think, but then i heared she likes the female gender, which is cool for me because i do too.

at tims parents i went for a nice relaxing walk and some down time. i found this rad tree.

then walked this path

and found another cool tree

the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence huh, bloddy oath for the guy who owns the field on the right of this fence.

i could not think of a caption for this picture, my mind was racing with what it looks like time is doing here.. lol.... but he was just watching tv.

we left soo early from tims parents that i kept my pjs under my jeans rather uncomfy to say the least.

and thats the end of the snow saga, i will leve you all with 2 funny photos of me from a while ago that i found on my computer just then.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

snow bunnies

i am not good at spelling.
but i went to the snow the other weekend and met some strangers who we lodged with and had some fun times. hope these make you laugh and i know u put a capital after a full stop i can just never be bothered
this was the back of the car where myself and timbo went 5 hours in the car drinking a dozen jack and coke and munchies along the way. i was even car dj at one point.

after 5 hours we were greeted with this.

and this guy who was all.. give me money or i wont let you pass......

so i was like... let us through!

and he said yes and we were on our merry way

yay we made it too the snow

so i wrote on a rich persons cars to let them know i had arived.

we then met our dear friend and snow bunnie finding trip put together guy AL. topest bloke there ever was. i look a little dreamy in this one. oh, i had also just hurled in the kitchen sink upon arriving.

next good guy to meet was luke. but im going to call him sparkles. look at that amazing lets drink grin. keep that grin in mind when u see sparkles face trying to snowboard the following day

what could go wrong

morning came and it was breakfast time. timbo making out like he is helping. more like hindering

tim tried.... nope

our lord and saviour

awwwww snow

a small child from our balcony

pip up nice and early and not hungover

the men battle the mountain and weather

hell yeah

lunch is served, rather$$$$$$$$$$ to say the least

tim is always hounded by the paparatzi (spelling) but he needs to get use to it.

this tasted amazing as it was rather icy cold.

remember sparkles..... and his im having a blast cheeky grin. looks a bit different now

evening arrived. tims dinner is served

no more pictures!!!!!

my dinner

timbo getting a bit of his own back

not too sure about this one

i make friends everywhere. this guys surname was arnote, and he wanted this for his face book....

lets get another one for my face bok new friend

left the pub and saw this

funny names for places to stay.. i like the mr t one.

next years accomodation.......

timbo loves the camera. him eating his grub

chef of all chefs in his domain, with little or no help from sparkles and a lady with a ninja style morning gown thing on. hiii ya

our home made outdoor freezer

my foot in the snow. with my sexy pjs. u know you want it ladies

awwwwww scenic wank shot

tim beeing tim

we left and the weather looked amazing.

well she was the dirty bitch

our place of warmth and relaxation

how an annoyed person looks after waiting in the snow for damn cars for an hour and a half

i cant be bothered doing anymore for now, but part 2 will be up when i can be bothered.