Sunday, July 12, 2009


the running of the bulls is every morning for 7 mornings. i tried to find out as much as i could thinking it would help me. i was directed to the rules of the run... here they are... mmmmm?
matt and i were going to run together, he slept in as we had to be up at 5am. im pretty sure the san gria he drank the night before had something to do with it.
2000 ppl and upto 7 bulls and 5 steer all run into this little door to the bull ring.
they leave these pens. then its 850metres to the bull ring.
up this first hill.. they can get to about 23mph on an uphill, and there horns can be upto 110cms from horn to horn across ways.
the happy couple the day before i shitted my pants and ran faster than i ever have in my life.
it wasnt very crowded on opening day at midday.
run like the wind...... ohhhh shit.

before they run they clear the course and ppl get there early to watch the 
these guys are not to be messed with, if you are holding anything at all they will pull u out and no running for you, about 400 ppl a day are pulled out early before the run.
these guys seem to be needed, not really sure why.. lol.
run run  run run run run 
the runners that get to the bullring are stuck in there for about 30 minutes when they let out 6 smaller bulls, they have there horns tapped but are still damn big and scary, they then toss people round like ragdolls for the amusement of the crowd
this guys in trouble
they run out of here and ppl crouch down and get jumped over.... fun indeed.
spot me im the one in the white 
this is gonna hurt the next day
then the big steer comes out and collects his small bull friend. the steers were daaaamn big, huge and they had big un tapped horns.. damn
run fat boy run...
out comes another one.
when u gotta go you gotta go
i will post footage asap