Monday, March 30, 2009


in ireland they made the titanic, it was made in a dry dock which we saw, it was damn damn big, this is how much of the boat was out the top of the dry dock.. they didnt really focus on what happened when it left ireland. kind of like when someone says when it left here it was fine, not in there water not there fault.
more we are the biggest and the best.
this is the dry dock they used, they float the boat in, drain the water, then can work on the boat from underneath. this was huge, crazy indeed.
this shows how damn big the boat would have been. it was also in 1911.

deryy is the town where the sunday bloody sunday massacre took place.u2 sang a song about it. it was a weird feeling beeing here. these houses had some pretty amazing murals on them, some 3 stories high.
pretty up front and honest, dont mess with anyone from northern ireland.

the buildings from a far.
sometimes i do things which arent meant to be done, like touch things in museums or sit in the head honchos chair at parliament. this took some convincing for kat to take the pic.
oh yeah!
this was pretty damn windy and hella high, we jumped over a fence to get a better look.
they are in the movie "a princess bride" such a good flick. get it and watch it!!!
just some lunch at an old church, pretty epic place.
kats birthday, and relaxing with some beers.
went to the jamesons factory, kat was a taster for the day, rather fun, and a few free drinks also.
a kebab, with the longest bits of meat ever.
and i was on security camera whilst ordering, what the hell is someone going to do, steal a kebab?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

something from left field.

i bought a lomo fisheye camera and used it too see how the pics turned out. the camera is super basic and i wondered if the pics would even work. i was pleasently suprised. it has a view of 170 degrees.