Friday, September 19, 2008

some random goods

an amazing match maker i do believe

and her man, just as good at finding peoples matches. (how good are inside jokes)

i dont live with this guy any more. rather odd pic to say the least.the pic, not the guy

after dinner where there were amazing people present i went in to the city to catch up with my now new house mates. and oh my were they all a little bit more drunk than me.

yeah lets scream.

these are 2 cooooool guys. hell yeah blue steel.

yeah more group pics

thats it tim, sing me a sweet love song

i only wish this wasnt out of focus... look at that style.

hey i'll dance you all night big boy.. its like this.....

joey i think i love you

the men!!

oh yeah soo tough... i think im slowly catching them in the drinking stakes

group shot.. i seem to be almost up to there drinkingness by the looks of this one.

yup i do believe i have caught them by this one.

this is tims mrs pip, and im not too sure what i did here....

and then the men are off to fight another day....

Monday, September 8, 2008

fun fun

after sundays fun i went to dinner with dion and tim came, this was monday, the day after i got my outline done. tattoo tim came and we decided to go for another few hours after dinner about 8pm.
so on came the cowboy shirt again

different angle

getting there. oh nice pants

green... oh la la

thats enough for one night

got home and left it like this and went to bed.

it got a bit gross. i went to sleep and when i woke up it looked like someone had been murdered in my bed. oh well

woke up had a wash and it looked like this.

i had the day off. and tim had a cancelation, so i thought what better way to spend a tuesday. back to the tattoo shop. and as it was open etc i gave the gay cowboy shirt a miss and opted for a more suitable attire.

close up

thats enough for another day, slowly getting there

Saturday, September 6, 2008

some changes

a lot has been going on lately, changes are coming as i am moving house, dion and me going our seperate ways. big changes for sure.

not many more dinners here. oh the unioun, you have served me well. i even ran past this pub naked once when i got locked out. but thats a whole story in its own right.

a great meal they did, but i got tim the chef in the new house so its allll good.

max and me and dion went to the drive in. no its not as homo as it sounds.

great fun at the sketchy diner there

i shot things. fun fun fun indeed,

i also took a friend on a helicopter ride. in phillip island, was an amazing day for sure.
it was a perfect day

we arrived there safe and sound to our chopper

dials and dials

before we flew to the heavens we went and got lunch. it is amazing down there for sure. really beautyfull.

the water felt good on my toesys.

u do not want to know what this is.... you will never guess. deep fried battered mars bar. yes mars bar... i know what the hell is the world coming too!!!!

back to the chopper. this was the people before us.

then up we went

this is where we ate lunch, from a very different view.

awwww pretty

it was really amazing up there

grand prix track

thanks so much nick. landed safe and sound. if any one is keen to go contact me and we'll hit it up!!!!!

what better way to end a great day than a feast of a bbq at the new to be residence.

damn good.

FOLLOWING DAY WAS ANOTHER GOOD ONE. every sunday i go with tattoo tim and his mrs for breakfast we been doing it for a couple of months now.

breakfast is served, i even had a lamb chop in mine, but the service was a bit slow.

and done

then off to tims work for some fun... well kind of fun

getting things ready

the last time in my lifetime my left upper arm will look like this. i had an old button up shirt i pulled the sleeve off but i pulled the wrong sleeve off so i then had to pull both sleeves off and i sat there looking like a gay cowboy of sorts

behind the scenes

stencil getting put on in the right spot.

yup perfect lets get this thing going.

sit the hell down so we can start!!!

getting there

pretty much done. i look like shit as it actually hurts, anyone who says differently is full of shit.

and this is it about aquarter done, needs alot of shading, detail and background etc, but enough for one day.

enjoy bye bye