Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Im back in australia, here are some random pics of whatever really. i shall go through the 6000 photos taken and find some funny ones to amuse you guys with. many blogs to come.

i nearly had a heart attack on this thing, damn sketchy budapest theme park.
looong way from home
thanks mark, amazing accomodation in turkey.
a rare photo of me and kat and my dad, hadnt seen him for almost 15 years.
and you complain about the state of public buses australia, mmm russia style

Mega mac. now that really cant be good for you. 
if you order a english breakfast in turkey you will get this. pretty much as far from a real english breakfast ever. it looks almost healthy
little mongolian boy saying whats up...
the kitten chasing crickets. it did this all day.
your girlfriend would look like this also if you had been on a train for 2 days then get to the hostel at 7am to find no one there to let you in!!!
thought i'd get some reading in and was somewhat distracted. mongolian outback!
again with the distractions...
windy place indeed.them camels in the bak were rather weird to ride.
left my inprint when i was in russia.
ohhh yeah
biggest freshwater lake in the world in russia. a great day, and greater company thanks serge.
me standing next to a missile.
ummmm i'll take that one. line 3 position 10... beer!
this was inside a museum... weird russians.
if the sign for your hostel looks like this... be wary. it was the rasputin hostel... took us a while to find.. wonder why?