Wednesday, January 21, 2009

ITS TIME......

WELL KAT AND I HAVE LEFT AUSTRALIA FOR OUR 8 MONTH ADVENTURE. instead of the we did this then went here etc etc, i thought i'd pick some random pics from our days and show you all. ignore the spelling and grammer problems cause honestly i dont care as im tired allready and we arent even ten days in yet!!!!!!


These school kids thought i was amazing, see, it even goes to foreign countries. they all do the damn peace sign.
in a place called nara, we spent the day and they have tonnes of deer just wondering around, and i mean tones, heres a small group wanting some of the food i bought for them, they got pretty pushy at times, biting at your pants and grabbing youre backpack etc
smooch smooch.
see i can read!
this one wanted some coke
this one was blind. kat feeding it. one of the bastards took her glove out her pocket thinking it was food.
awww a giant bell. and me and kat.
kat had a small army of them around her at one stage also.
they sold these here, pellet guns, amazing. they also had machine gun ones with lazer sights etc, bloddy good.

breakfast at 7-11, a fully hot meal. very very cheap
see, yum
breakfast of champions.

now, when you are on a budget and after a long day sometimes noodles are the best things ever, so pick like a wise old man, but i couldnt read any labels or anything so i went with whichever.
inside, some sauce, a pack of beans, and some spices. damn these should really be worth more than the 105 yen i paid for them, about 1-60 australian.
water in there, cook my little pretties, cook cook.
open the drainer....
drain drain drain 
add the secret sauce... of which you cant actually read what it is.
stir like you have never stired before
and dinner is served.
oh wait, one more very important thing.
now its ready to eat with a beer from the vending machine in the lobby of the hostel.

mm cant wait to eat some of these, im sure they are going to fill me up!!
you know fixies are soo yesterday, its all about the 3 speed too small for me cruiser!!!! with a basket!!!!

this was at the top of about a hundred stairs, but well worth it for sure!
they know how to make a really good burger. lunch on the go.
kat isnt too sure about what she is eating, it tastes ok for......
we got a train and on it they sold sandwiches, with the crust cut off and i guess for dwarves, as this thing was bloddy small.

these are the norm here, you got to squat, and hopefully not cover youre jeans etc in poo. oh the joys.
an amazing chalk wall, thought i'd try to se what this kid was looking at
till this geek rolled up.. lol
you need some calories mate..... 
would you please let me take a normal photo of you!!!!

ever since seeing good will hunting and they are at the batting cages and he's all quik crowding the plate... i have wanted to go to one of theses, after eating one night next door was one. and it was damn hard. but damn damn fun, different speeds the guy would "pitch" i chose the 3rd slowest at 110kmh, and i hit maybe 12 of 25, and 5 of them actually went up like a proper hit others went to the ground or like zooomed to the side.
im going crazy....
between hostels and when we have all out gear at train stations, our packs are bloddy huge. kat can barely life hers so for short trips i carry this amount of  stuff
kat carries this.. mmmmm

im leaving this picture alone. we saw a tournament and it was truly amazing. alot more to it then 2 fat guys having a tusle.
look a dumb aussie tourist
im sorry but it had to happen.... see next pic
still tasted amazing, even if it was almost 15 aussie dollars for a meal. ANYTHING for westerners is soooo damn $$$$$$$$$$ even maccas
lights of hustle and bussle. this blog is pretty safe, im thinking i need to up the ante of humour on the next one.

i wanted to go somewhere to play video games,  i think this place may be what i am looking for.
i do believe so. drumming for fun. this game was really damn loud.
me in a cartoon game thing. it was mario and it was amazing.
lets race dave, winner ' have to pay the crazy price of this damn game!!
another waste of money, but fun fun fun 

more drumming...
a giant witches hat, as big as kat. this thing weighed like 40kgs.

a friend is in tokyo teaching english and his help was sooooooo goood. without him we would have been not able to see half the things we did. thankyou dave. a japan guy took this on the train for us, its out of focus. thanks for that mr you are meant to be good at taking photos.

a huge temple at night

the happy couple. cheesy for sure

a street with lots of nick nacks etc

a tree

these are everywhere. little cokes. from vending machines which are on everydamn block. coke tastes the same no matter where you are.

this is our hostel, pretty nice and only 20 min from the heart of tokyo

like i said, everywhere. and with everything from beer to cigarettes to magazines to hot meals even.

i knew i forgot my scaletric car set when i left australia. this place was a little weird. it was old men standing around playing whilst there kids watched, role reverse indeed.

smoking and walking is illegal and can get you a fine from the police, but drinking and walking is totally acceptable anywhere on the street. mmm odd. these are everywhere so everyone stops to smoke around these things.